The BioHac app is your personal assistant in getting the physical fitness you want and maintaining it. Personal training for muscle, calculation of activity and nutrition plan depending on your body parameters - all from your smartphone.

#iOS#Android#React Native

How was it done?

To achieve minimal development time, as well as ease of scaling and supporting the app in the future, ReactNative was taken as the basis of development. It allowed us to develop a cross-platform solution for Android and iOS devices.

It's that simple?

The peculiarity of the project from the technical side was that, in order to avoid developing the server side and renting the hosting, all the uploadable content had to be located in the cloud. We developed a solution that integrated with Yandex.Disk, which allowed us to administer the app content by changing the cloud storage content. This solved two problems at once - lack of a server side and admin panel.

And what about design?

When making the design layouts, we decided to build different UX user interfaces for mobile phones with different screen formats. The differences in UX apply only to iOS users - the screen sizes of iPhone 6-8 and iPhone 10-12 are fundamentally different. This solution allowed us to exploit the unique features of each screen format and make the user experience unique.

Cool! What's next?

The last important element in the implementation of the project was the integration of the application with the line of smart watches, which are needed for advanced data collection on the user's physical activity and an improved system of recommendations and weight loss.

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