DronFinder performs a continuous 2.4 GHz background scan, recognizing both registered UAVs and unknown devices. The app calculates distances to objects based on the strength of the Wi-Fi signal, and stores the received information about registered devices with reference to their IP.


Implementation feature

While choosing a tech stack, one of the main issues was the problem of storing data the app receives when scanning objects. Since DronFinder is a background app, we, together with the customer, decided to integrate it with Firebase, a remote cloud storage. This platform is convenient because it allows the app to synchronize with the cloud both in an open and in a background state.

Another important issue was Android's restrictions on background processes. For example, we needed to bypass the action of the power-saving function, as it resets open apps after a certain time.


This is how we developed an app that allows you to track the location of a flying vehicle. More and more people are getting into drones, and DronFinder is gaining popularity.

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