Our customer, flower store FloraPoint, needed automated cash handling. So, they approached us with the request to develop a mobile app for Evotor PoS terminal.

Getting started

In the first stage of development, we gathered all the initial data, which enabled us to form the main technological and business requirements for the product. For instance, we decided on the tech stack.

Since Evotor runs only on Android, we had to develop an app for this operating system natively. We chose Java as the most stable framework, and deployed the server side on the POS terminal itself.

What does FloraPoint do?

The main work of the app is to print receipts and reports; the app receives commands from the control computer and transmits them to the printer.

Also, at the customer's request, we implemented logs in the app - a protocol that, in chronological order, records information about all erroneous operations performed.


We ended up building an app for the flower store, introducing modern banking techniques, thereby optimizing the company's cash operations.

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