A professional service for designers, a solution that finds graphic references by automating the process using artificial intelligence.

Inside Graphica

Graphica represents a SaaS service with the atmosphere of a professional design community. It features a large tech stack that continuously keeps it open to new users.

The startup's IT infrastructure is centered on a server software solution, implemented on a bundle of Python Django and industrial database PostgreSQL. The database has a connected graph structure so that at the preprocessing stage, each new picture, when added, is automatically embedded into a working recommendations model, implemented based on machine learning algorithms (OpenCV for object extraction and further deep learning using Python libraries).

The server side implements the GraphQL protocol to achieve more flexibility on the client side. The backend is also integrated with Amazon S3 to store large amounts of graphical data; it uses cloud functions to process this data. Heroku services were used as a testing environment for intermediate versions.

Custom site for Graphica

Apart from the complex computing server side, the service includes a client website, implemented on a bundle of frontend framework React and backend framework NodeJS. We chose a separate backend framework for the client side for a reason. On one hand, we used Strapi as an alternative to CMS when building the API, which is convenient to customize using JavaScript. On the other hand, it is completely independent with respect to the functional part of the site; so, it’s not a bad idea to have a distributed architecture.

Mobile App for Graphica

This case is about a mobile app developed by us. A feature of the implementation of the native iOS mobile app Graphica was the use of the modern, recently released SwiftUI framework. Of course, due to low variability in the new framework provided by Apple, we often had to resort to the classic UI Kit. So, on the client side, we got a hybrid architecture as well.

We implemented another interesting project with a non-classic stack. In turn, the customer got the “SwiftUI” badge and love from the App Store for promoting Apple’s young and ambitious tech stack.

What does the service do?

As a service designed to select professional references for users, allows for intelligent analysis of images available in the database by a number of characteristics, among which are layouts, color gamut and image histogram (that is, image structure and even its semantic content). So the service can distinguish a landscape design picture from a business card design or website design.

Since works with user-generated content, it protects the pictures by copyright - on the service the user can manually indicate links to sources. Otherwise, if the picture has already popped up in major sources, the service allows it to be tracked automatically.

Maximize user experience with our integrated Amplitude service for further product analytics and metrics tracking.

Not still impressed?

In that case, we suggest you check out Graphica's Instagram account as soon as possible. The account has been run by an integrated AI algorithm since the very first post was made.

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