Human Cosmos

HumanCosmos is an app that helps people in their personal and professional growth. Adapting to the user, it draws up a unique plan for them on how to organize their time, striking a balance between different areas of their life.


We started by developing a requirements specification, defining the project goal, structure, and all functional and non-functional requirements.

We had to develop an iOS app. Our team and that of the customer worked on the project. We implemented the client side, the customer's team worked on the server side.

Five weeks were allocated for the project. We didn't have much time to create a multi-page app, so the two development teams started the project immediately. We broke the work into 5 weekly sprints, exchanged frequent feedback on progress, and responded quickly to each other's requests. The work took on a dynamic pace.


The server side needed no complex logic, so we decided not to build a server software from scratch. Instead, we chose Firebase because it can be used as a cloud storage for user data and as an analytics system.

With the help of Firebase, we implemented one of the key product objectives in the project - introduction of metrics that can be used to analyze user activity in order to further optimize user experience in the app.

With the help of Firebase, we also implemented custom push notifications, which were needed to remind users about daily activities and send relevant recommendations to users.



HumanCosmos is already in demand by thousands of users. While many users continue to download the app from the App Store, we continue to provide support and develop new functionality for it.

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