JBandFlowers - an online store with delivery of flowers and bouquets in Moscow.

#Angular#Bootstrap#Open Graph Protocol#Design


The customer wanted us to help with the development of a flower online store. The backend and API had already been created by the customer themselves, so we needed to develop the client side.

One of the main tasks in the frontend was to create a personal account, where users could track the status of their orders, view their purchase history, and receive personalized discounts from the company.


Before we proceeded to actual business, we decided on a tech stack we were going to use for the frontend. Initially we suggested using React as the framework best suited for implementing the user interface. However, we later opted for Angular. Despite the fact that this framework is more heavyweight, it was a better fit for the requirements of the customer, who was looking for a more professional and scalable solution.

In today's world, most users access the Internet more often from their phones. So any website needs an adaptive layout. In order to make the site layout respond to the size and orientation of any screen from which it is viewed and automatically adjust to it, we have applied Bootstrap. Using this technology allows the content to be displayed correctly on both desktop and mobile devices.

After development, debugging and commissioning, we introduced the Open Graph Protocol into the site. This was for the customer to be able to subsequently promote their website on social media effectively.

Our team has successfully completed the frontend, paving the way for the online store. JBandFlowers is now actively blooming on the Internet.

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