YodaFX is a large marketing structure that develops robo-advisors.
They approached us with the request to design an MLM platform for selling the company's products to trading exchanges.
So we started to implement our new project - the YodaFX.PRO web app.

What was the development based on?

One of the customer's main requirements was that the web app should have high speed. So, we decided to develop the frontend using React, which significantly reduces page load time and provides faster rendering speed in comparison to other frameworks. For the development of the server side, we chose Node.js, because this backend framework is one of the most popular and easily maintained today.

Design Engineering

An important stage in the development of any service is the UI/UX design. We had to deal with the problem of how to make the website as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Together with our customer, we came to a simple solution - to make the service interface similar to the standard interface of any social network, which today are familiar to almost everyone.

Marketing part

Implementation of the marketing part was one of the most interesting tasks for us. The service had a system of invitations by referral links, and the resulting logical tree had to be displayed in the user's profile. However, since the visual tree had a binary structure, only the last two invitees were displayed in the profile, and the rest went down the binary structure until there were free places.

Internal currency

Another feature of the project was the introduction of internal currency, with which users could make purchases or exchanges in the system. In order to make it possible to withdraw the currency, we integrated with the Ethereum cryptocurrency. We also needed to provide additional security for users' funds. To achieve this, we implemented storage of some information on the MetaMask platform.


We've implemented a complex MLM platform with a complicated marketing structure, optimizing the company's process of trading robo-advisors. Therefore, we have contributed to business development.

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