An app for an Asian restaurant chain, which allows users to order food delivery online

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Pobo App

Pobo is an Asian restaurant chain with several outlets across St. Petersburg. Initially, the restaurant approached us with a request to support and refine its website. We collaborated for several months. At some point, we came to the conclusion that a mobile app would perfectly complement the digital service of Pobo restaurants. So we set about developing the app.

Our next mission was to develop an online food delivery app for diners. That's how we kicked off our new project, the Pobo App.

Project stack

The first step in implementing any tech project, be it a delivery app or an online store, is choosing the technology stack. We had to decide what we were going to use to develop the application. After consulting with the restaurant, we settled for React Native, the most stable framework for cross-platform development with minimal efforts.


Next, we created the UI/UX design; we thought over the screen layouts for desktop and mobile devices and created a stylistic design based on them. The user experience development stage is particularly important. This is the stage where we decide on how to optimize user interaction with the interface. The restaurant and us suggested various ideas on how to improve the UX. Soon the design was ready, and we were down developing the main part of the app.

Pobo Site

Alongside this, we continue to refine the site and introduce changes in its functionality. Our team has added functions to the server side that appear in the app. For example, we implemented a referral program that works together with the company's already existing loyalty program.


At present, the mobile app is already available on Google Play and the App Store for download; it has been very popular among users.

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