Price Point

App for tracking and comparing prices of major Russian retailers
A marketing company that collaborates with large retailers wanted us to develop an Android app that would automate the process of collecting and storing prices of Russian retailers.

After a detailed discussion of all the project details with the customer, we got down to business. One of the tasks we were to do was to synchronize the app with the SharePoint database, which had been previously used by the customer to enter product information manually.

App features

Since our customer's agents are located in different cities, the company wanted us to, while implementing PricePoint, optimize the process of monitoring the activities of their agents. For example, the app allows you to track work progress so that you can detect any delays in time and know which project requires more people. At the same time, agents can see upcoming orders in the app and the respective deadlines.

Product scanning

Among other things in PricePoint, we've implemented automatic reading of barcodes from photos of price tags and products that agents upload to the app.
"The guys from Sixhands demonstrated high professional competence and readiness to work on such a complex project. We wanted to optimize price tracking, and this task was accomplished successfully"
Svetalana Kropatcheva
Company’s representative

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