An app you can use to control a drone in real time.

The customer manufactures quadcopters of his own design. We needed to make a mobile application with which the operator could control the flying machine.
Quadcopters have a whole host of tasks in their controller apps. To perform these tasks successfully, you should be able to clearly set the flight route and accompanying tasks, understand exactly where the quadcopter is at the moment, in what weather conditions and whether it is deviating from its route.

For this purpose, we established a connection with the control unit via UART, through which the operator could successfully monitor the current position of the aircraft and progress of tasks being performed. The operator could also control the drone.
"The mobile app R-Aero ordered from us was successfully executed, the project was delivered on time. It was amazing seeing a domestically assembled real machine fly exactly where it is asked and perform precisely the tasks expected of it. Our own team was directly involved in this project"
Vasilii Kaliteevskii
Project Manager

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