Our client was TOR Industries, a company that specializes in servicing professional copiers. They requested us to create a website for them with a personal account for clients.

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Despite the fact that the company had its own well-established customer interaction system, there were no digital tools to control service execution and evaluate service delivery. Whenever there was a technical issue, the customer would always call the manager, who would verbally accept the request and then directly pass it on to the engineer. Management of internal business processes needed to be streamlined. So, we had to solve this problem by building a website for the company.

Getting down to work, we got acquainted with the company's business process in detail, built appropriate models, and, having identified weaknesses, prepared the requirements for the future web service.

Implementation features

One of the main requests by TOR Industries regarding the site was to adopt the Mobile First approach (an approach in which we start product design for mobile devices first, focusing primarily on mobile interface). It's a standard task in today's world, where people spend most of their time on mobile gadgets.

Another main request was that the site should display correctly on Internet Explorer. This is because many customers of TOR Industries are major public institutions, who often have only IE installed on their PCs (for security reasons). So, we were to develop a frontend in an IE First mode.


When executing any IT project, choosing the development technologies is an important stage. Initially, we considered frontend framework React together with backend Django as the classic stack for the functional site. But because we knew that the customer already had the Laravel + VueJS stack, we decided to settle for it because of further maintainability and scalability by the customer.


Having developed a functional corporate website, we've optimized the company's business process management. TOR Industries now has convenient digital tools for automatic distribution of labor among personnel, and for service quality control.

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