We developed a corporate website for machinery manufacturer Turboholod, the global leader in the design and manufacture of axial turboexpander units.

Our team was tasked with redesigning the website of a large domestic company. The existing site, which was in operation, did not suit the customer by the stability of the work, the lack of an adaptive version of the site, equally working on different types of devices and the lack of SEO optimization.

Thus, we were tasked to develop a modern website for an industrial company, reflecting the high level of quality and professionalism of the company.

WordPress, on which the previous version of the site was running, was chosen as the tech stack. This choice was due to Turboholod's experience in operating WordPress.

When developing the site, our team relied not only on high appearance and user experience requirements, but also tried to ensure the highest speed and stability standards.

To optimize site loading, we adopted lazy loading of images and site content, and developed an adaptive site layout that supports all major device resolutions. We also subjected the site to SEO. This increased Yandex's site quality index (SQI) to 50.

At the end, we got not only a quality project that graced our portfolio, but also a satisfied customer, who appreciated the high quality of services provided to them.

We’re grateful to the Turboholod team for this interesting project and fruitful collaboration on building the website!

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