A landing page for the largest 
underground community in St. Petersburg.


Fans of Russian hip-hop culture know what VSRAP is. Many are familiar with the rap/hip hop YouTube channel, a news resource and Russia’s biggest merchandiser all bearing the same name VSRAP. Today, VSRAP is better known as a producer of artists' and bloggers' merch.


The company wanted us to develop a website for their store. The site was to contain information about the company's activities and present a product catalog. The customer already had a site powered by ECWID, but the site didn’t have sufficient user experience and was not aesthetically pleasing enough. ‍

The company's major request was that the project had to be completed as quickly as possible. 


The first step in implementing the project was the design. At this stage, we thought through the entire user experience to make the page intuitive enough for the user, and rendered the user interface. Based on the already created UI/UX design, we built the layout using HTML5 and CSS3 as the tech stack. A week later, the site was ready for launch.


Together with VSRAP, we’ve developed an eye-catching website that represents their brand. Soon, we started developing the next project for the company in the next case.

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